• I have tried to write 4 pastas. They may not have been the best pastas, but,they were bettter than stuff that doesn't get deleted. Any chance you want to rescue one of them to piss Link and Marc off? The last one I wrote, right now has a deletion template that marc put on it. The other 3 never got templates. Link deleted them. He even claimed you told him to. (I don't actually believe that). The other ones I can show you. You can look them up, but I know you're stuck with your phone-no computer.

    Also, Rebbel's chat is still there on Discord and everyone is chatting there. Let me know if you want more info. I'm happy to provide. He even has VAL there! And I'm sure you know by now but Lusa something-that's Val. He had some other socks, too, but I think Creeper shut them down. Finally, MayIsBae is Marc but EVERYONE knows that now. Two people told me. So, I'm suure that's old news to you.

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